The road to race weight

I once again find myself in the familiar position of having to lose a bunch of weight. Excuses abound but really I just stopped caring over the last two years.

My target race weight is right around 140# and 10-11% body fat based on previous DEXA scans and experience. I was here in January of 2016, having hit 186 after having our first son and moving to Denver from the east coast. I was able to maintain 1-2 pounds per week of weight loss until I hit 150 and then it slowed WAY down.



I am currently 180#.

So what is my plan? Start simple.

  • Stop drinking.
  • Stop snacking after dinner.
  • Start working on the aerobic base riding the bike super slowly for around 10 hours a week.

I have a DEXA scan scheduled for tomorrow and I will schedule a follow up every 6 weeks, it really helps me stay on track and focused.

I will be stepping on the scale every day. Maybe there is some WordPress widget that will upload my current weight. Yes a lot of people say thats overkill, useless, demotivating, etc. Not for me, I believe you really do get what you measure.

So, here we go. I’m putting this out into the world in hopes that it serves as another point of accountability.