Monday Morning Weigh In

Had a good week last week. Got my power meter pedals installed so I can confirm that my aerobic fitness is terrible. Just got to keep plugging away.


Mostly just riding along super easy (HR ~130). 

Wednesday I did a VO2 max workout on the trainer. Sufferfest’s “A Very Dark Place”. It’s a simple 5x4min VO2 workout. 

I plan to do that once a week and maybe throw in something like Sufferfest’s “Hell hath no fury” (2x20s) to mix it up.

This does make me wonder if it’s possible to make meaningful aerobic improvements while losing a significant amount of fat weight. Last time I undertook this process in 2015 my aerobic fitness did not change at all.

How’s the weight loss coming? It’s falling off as I planned.

Proceeding as planned.

Next DEXA is October 12th. I should be just into high 160s by then. I am guessing 168 or so.